Recent work // Havas London // Huawei Mate 10 Launch 


Freelance '17

Work for the launch of the Huawei Mate 10 that I CD'd for Havas. Produced with The Mill. I was tasked with overseeing all of the creative for the campaign. Working with both the Huawei UK and Chinese offices. Originally the work was created for selected markets in Europe, but has now been used across the globe. I'll be the first to admit it's not ground breaking creatively but it feels like a step up for Huawei and, if I look at what I was asked to do by my client (Havas) it's a well crafted piece of work that was very well received by their client and has lead to more work for the agency.

Along side this I was also asked to produce a piece of content that demonstrated the phone* and it's features. The brief was '5 million views and drones' so we partnered with the NEXXBLADES drone racing team to create a new form or race track, moving away from the usual derelict warehouses and power stations and heading to Iceland to create a track unlike any other. Drones. Check. 5 million views? Who knows, if you watch it that'll be one more view.

*See if you can spot the phones the client wanted added in.