Mark Black

I’ve been doing this a while.

I’ve been an Art Director, ACD, CD and ECD.

I’ve worked in traditional agencies, agencies that pushed what traditional was, digital agencies and some agencies I wasn’t really sure what they did.

I’ve worked in the likes of TBWA, Dare, DHM, Rehab and Havas.

I’ve freelanced in the likes of Naked, Mother, Rapier, and more.

I’ve won a few awards.

Currently: CD Havas London


Fulltime: TBWA (art director), Dare (ACD), DHM (CD), rehabstudio (ECD).

Freelance: Mother, Rapier, Naked (Acting ECD), Fabula, Hello People, Harriman Steel, Communicator to name a few.

Here's what some of the people I've worked for think:

'Freelancers. What a nightmare. You hand over the cash with absolutely no guarantee you’ll get anything back. Sure you’ll get paper, some bad drawing and an assortment of words written down, but nothing remotely useful, nothing to justify to the Finance Director or Client the cost of this extra resource. My approach has always been get the cheapest or most expensive Creatives. Cheapest: Very inexperienced but guaranteed to produce a big pile of paper. Most expensive, (sometimes crazy expensive): Ex-ECD’s or Agency Founders should guarantee a good solution that matches the brief, produced quickly. Mark is an anomaly. Big piles of of paper, on brief, mostly good, not 'crazy expensive’. ' If anyone would like to know more about Mark, my number is 0771 406 8974.'

Dave Dye (Founder - DHM, Hello People & CDD)

'Mark is an exceptional creative. He is a hugely talented art director, an equally capable Creative Director and a highly original thinker. He has a brilliant advertising mind, which always conceives of fresh new ideas that are always much bigger than the media they are intended for. He is also one of the most likeable and unpretentious people in advertising. Mark was a huge asset when he was at Dare, and was always everyone's first choice of creative to work on briefs. He would without question be my first port of call for any freelance.'

Brian Cooper (Ex-Creative Partner at Dare)

'Mark is like a shot in the arm for your brief/Creative development. If you need to get things moving and have lots to think about Mark Black is always a good idea.'

Luke Williamson (Founding Partner at Fabula London, ECD WCRS, one half of Yan & Luke)

'Mark is one of advertising's nice guys, which some people might argue isn't a strong point for a creative director, but I very much think it is. Especially when the rest of the package is of such high quality. Mark brings great ideas, a solid approach to craft and a willingness to work f@@king hard to the table - he's a pleasure to work with and an asset to any creative business. I'd hire him, work with him or go to the pub with him in a shot - each option being as equally low risk and enjoyable as the other.'

Paul Ward (Chief creative operation officer - Naked (former) / Havas)


Some of the clients I’ve work with:

The Sun, BT, Jameson, Nike, OVO, Adidas,, eBay, PaddyPower, Nescafe, PSNI, Facebook, BMW, Danone, Virgin Atlantic, PlayStation, EA Games, Bacardi, Martini, McDonald’s, Sainsbury's, Barclays, Barclaycard, Google, Adnams,, Hastings Hotels, EA Games, Huawei, GSK, Molson Coors.

Some of the pitches I’ve worked on:

Huawei, PSNI,, Regus, Nescafe*, BMW, Heineken, Pure Leaf, Learn Direct, OVO, Good Energy, Beagle Street, Which?, Adidas*, Smithwicks, Kopparberg,, Bacardi, PAX, H&M,, BBC, Ronseal, eBay, Nike, Absolut Vodka, Warner Music, Google, Coke, PaddyPower, Listerine, Jacobs, Lanson, EA Games, Premier Cruises, Facebook, Dewars, Feel Unique, Virgin, Vodafone.

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