I've spent the last two years working on various project for Google. A lot of them looking at how brands could use Google products and media in new and interesting ways. Here's a couple of examples of the kind of work I was doing.

In each of the ideas we took them to prototype - to allow us to test with consumers and also to see if the platform or technology could really be made to work.

360º LIVE

As YouTube began to roll out 360º video on it's platform we we asked to look at what could be done with this. There is always a novelty factor with something like this. Having a phone strapped to your head and being able to look round a virtual environment is all well and good, but it's not something you need to do twice. I wanted to look at how could a '360º view' of the world be used to enhance events, like sports, music or news. And this is where 360º LIVE came about - using the YouTube app, and 360º filming we would alert people to see a different, unedited view of the event they are watching either at home or live.

Here's the protoype in action showing how this thinking could be added to F1.



Beacons have been the Holy Grain for a while - imaging a world where consumers walk past your business and messages pop up on their device. But no one wants that - so all these hard sell messages do, well nothing. I asked - what if we gave the beacon technology to people, it's small, personal and cheap. I looked at could I add beacon technology to anything from a VIP pass to a McDonald's Happy Meal toy. 

Below is the prototype built to show how this technology could be used to give a personal experience to a McDonald's customer - hidden in a toy. Unlocking personalised content, additional content, in store and OOH experiences all with a piece of plastic that cost about 50p.