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PIAB is a Goverment body in Ireland that helps people claim if they are hurt at work, I brought what they do to life with an apologetic box.


BMW  //  Olympics

This is the last thing I did at Dare, BMW wanted  a piece of content to promote their sponsorship of the Olympics. I just thought f**k it lets make something petrol heads will like. And they did. It got over a million views and a fair amount of press. Full disclosure. I'd left Dare before the script was shot... it was supposed to be the the Olympic Rings that got drawn, but hey-ho it still looks nice.


Sainsbury's  //  Comic Relief

One of the pieces of online content to support Sainsbury's Comic Relief efforts. The more money that was raised the sillier challenges staff had to do. We made five pieces of content, this was my favourite.



Calvita cheese is a bit of a national treasure in Ireland we made these films with Ardman to launch their new range of 'fun cheese' (if that's a thing).


Dairygold  //  Heart

Here's my 'I can do normal ads' ad. For Dairlygold - we made a few of these. I always liked this one.


O2  //  iMode

Remember when your phone was mainly used for making phone calls? Here's an ad from thoses days... eBay... on your phone! Witchcraft!

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