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I've always loved the challenge of a print ad. Here's some what I did.

The launch press and poster for the Playstation Game The Getaway. The game saw you take on the role of Gangster on the streets of London which was recreated in amazing detail.

The press and post for the Playstation Game Ratchet Gladiator where you took on the role of and armed to the teeth Lombax who stars in a very deadly game show.

The press and poster for the launch of Playstaion game Shinobi

We worked with the History of Advertising trust on a fund raising campaign - this appeared in trade press.

Luzurs asked for some print ads to show why people needed Luzers Archive in the lives. I did a camping based on a few industry truisms to create a tongue-in-cheek campaign.

Put blunty PaddyPower set a simple brief 'Do us some posters that show off the PADDYPOWER offering... Oh, and if you get us banned and in the papers we won't be too upset'. We did these, they got banned, we got in the papers.

A simple little 6 Sheet for the opening of the McCafe on Grafton Street Dublin.

Very early on in my working life I worked on the Police Service of Northern Ireland account. It was a great account to work on and I got to spend time with officers and see what life was like and what they did. One brief was a set of press ads to show how the PSNI work in the community. This one I still like, and it came from me sitting in the back of a PSNI care and listening.

We did a lot of work for Penhaligon's at DHM - it gave me a chance to be a bit 'Carry On' 

Zopa is basically people based borrowing and savings. I wanted to find a fun way to show this and get people to think about borrowing and saving in a different way.

Again at DHM we did loads of work for Adnams. The art direction was done before my time so all I had to do was write (and write) until I got something that felt funny and smart. I'm still proud of this one.


The brief from RTE was sell the power of radio in a press ad. Every press ad for this I could find did the 'Radio has this many percent more cut through than press... blah, blah, blah' I wanted make it less press vs. radio and more about people seeing that radio is a creative tool that you can do amazing things with, take people to amazing places, tell amazing stories to and audience that IS listening.



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