Here's some things that ran, some that didn't, some that I just think are interesting. 


Adblocker//  CA$H FOR ADS


I did this as there's a lot of talk about ad blockers and I wondered what there another use for them.

Banners. When you think about it they are media space right in the heart of your browser. Well what if you could sell that space instead of the media companies. Meet the CASH FOR ADS AD BLOCKER. A simple extension that lets you pick who can advertise on your browser and also lets you charge them. Then all you have to do is claim your cash.

Christmas  //  The Agency Christmas card brief

I hate this brief. It always arrives in the first week of December. It’s always sold as a chance to win an award. And 9 times out of 10 it comes to nothing as people realise there’s not time. That said I like this one I came up with. Moulds to make snow grenades, after all nothing say Christmas like an explosive device.


Battersea dogs home  //  Ads on dogs


I wanted to flip the 'look what you can do for a dog' and make it 'look what a dog can do for you'... and then use dogs as billboards. Simple.

battersea 1.png

Danio  //  Vine Campaign

Role: CD

Danio wanted to make some content to show their snack was a healthy alternative. This is a simple charming idea that was one of the first pieces of branded Vine content. It was all done for real, using Vine the way it should be use (no cheating). The team was Dog & Bear.


Spotify  //  Web Banners

I've always felt the humble web banner was unloved. This was an idea to use them in a more interesting way. Put simply they let you set your 'internet' to music. By looking at the page source on the page you are browsing a relevant piece of music would be played. 


Smoke Free  //  Schools Pack

I wanted to find a way to use AR in an interesting way. I came up with this. A little idea that let kids see what smoke did to their insides. By showing them their insides.


Listerine  //  gum

People use gum to mask bad breath - why not give away packs of gum with edible ink messages. 


The Sun  //  Page 3 takeover

I've use a page 3 'stunna' to promote The Suns sponsorship of Irish Football.


Illustrating my itunes  //  a one a day project

I did one illustration a day based on my itunes for a bit. Full set on Flickr

Bad Love Hearts

I did quite a lot of these at one point. No reason.


What Frightens Monster?

I did a kids book for my little one. He likes it. Job done.