McDonald's // recruitment


When we were asked to help recruit staff for McDonald's we had a problem, the people they had working there were, wrongly, seen as people with no personality, robots, and foreigners. It wasn't seen as a great place to work. However we met lots of staff, and heard how they were treated by the company and my opinion changed.

We decided to break down these barriers, by giving the staff uniforms* a little of the real personality of the people who wore them, we tackled peoples opinions head on and got the gag in before they did. The going price for the 'my boss is a clown' T was rumoured to be around 50 euro. Alas I only have a pic.

What I also like about this idea, and why it's in my book, is sometimes you don't need to spend a lot of cash to solve a problem. Yes we had the budget to make a TV commercial (and we did) but what made a bigger difference was a bunch of t-shirts that cost £3 each. It's something I try to remember.

*Wouldn't of happened without the head of marketing - she was a legend.


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