EA Games // APB //  The Human Avatar  


APB was a game unlike any other. It was the brainchild of David Jones of Grand Theft Auto fame. In planning since 2005 it was an ever living online world where every character was a real person. And these characters were created by the most powerful customization engine the gaming world had ever seen.

To bring to life that idea that YOU could become a character in a game we introduced THE HUMAN AVATAR a game character and real person created by the voting public. From the hair on his head to the clothes on his back. All was put to vote and then brought to life.The final twist was the creation of the avatar - a perfect recreation of the real world character. He was then set free into the world of APB and hunt was on...

The creation took place over two weeks and all each part of the creation was put to the vote and then all we had to do was film, edit and release the content to the followers within 24 hours.

The APB customisation engine in action.