Adnams // Craft Beers brand design


When Adnams asked for help to launch their new range of craft beers I jumped at the chance. Despite never having designed and launched a brand from the ground up before (I omitted that detail at the briefing).

I'd love to say I came up with a fictional brand and invented a wild backstory that the public fell for hook, line and sinker. But I didn't. As is sometimes the way I found a gem that the client had long since forgotten about. Jack Brand. Which I found on one of their old labels from 1856. All we had to do then was rework it into the brand they have today.

Each beer was named after a figure from Adnams history, for example Mr. 'Clump' Sagin - the brewery tug of war team captain in 1953. (Mock ups above). It was great fun finding some of these characters and writing the labels was a particular labour of love, a little tribute to those folks from black and white times.

The brand has evolved a little, the names have become more 'obvious' which I think is a shame and the design has become a bit fussy for my taste.

Here's a couple of men. Talking about them.