Listerine Smart Rinse  //  Pitch // Dare


Listerine Smart Rinse is mouthwash for kids, we wanted to let kids (and parents) see that using mouthwash is an important part of looking after their teeth and make Listerine Smart Rinse part of their routine. To do this we had to make it seem fun to kids, and worthwhile to mum.

The Toothies were born, these characters would help kids (and parents) see the value in using mouthwash. Everything had to appeal to kids, and the parents as they are the people who make the purchase.

There was a site where you could meet The Toothies and watch Toothie TV; a series of interactive narrative films created to be both entertaining and educational. You could also get the app for Mum or Dad's smart phone that had a Toothies game and brush / rinse timer to make sure you are doing the job right, you can even gargle along to your favourite tune.

You could also build your own Toothie tamagotchi and let him live on your desktop, where you have to look after him and his teeth or he gets sad, you wouldn't like him when he's sad.

And finally a new branded product idea, a Toothie for your bathroom. This holds your toothbrush and cup for Smart Rinse, but also has teeth that light up so you know which sections of the mouth to brush, and for how long, finally the tongue lights up so you know how long to rinse for with Smart Rinse.