Adidas // Originals  //  Pitch DHM

How do you make Adidas Originals feel relevant again?

Remind people that "Adidas" was worn by more people who didn't give a F**K than any other brand. True Originals.

Going through their history was amazing, their shoes and clothing had been worn at more great moments in ‘cool history’ than any other... and for once this wasn’t advertising bending the truth. All we had to do was work out a way to tell people.

We would remind people of 'The Original Journey'. 

Posters and press would show the great moments in culture where the brand had been present. Live Aid with Freddie Mercury giving arguably the greatest rock performance off all time. Oasis recording one of the most influential records of all time. Ali competing in the greatest boxing match of all time, they were even the shoes Michael Jordan wanted to wear, before Nike ‘bought’ his loyalty. The list went on and on.

An app would bring the posters to life and tell the story of these moments in time. Limited edition "Original Moments' shoes and clothing would be available in store. The RUN DMC classic 'Me and my Adidas' would be re-recorded. Concerts to create the next generation of ‘Original Moments’, in store ideas to bring the stories to life at point of sale, a foundation to help Adidas to find the next generation of people to wear Originals, amongst quite a bit more. 

The Original Journey' would remind us that Adidas Originals are real and true rather than a marketing ploy.